The Fair Pole Podcast

Episode 34: Fred McGriff

March 11, 2021 Chris Edwards Season 1 Episode 34
The Fair Pole Podcast
Episode 34: Fred McGriff
Show Notes

We're back! After a (too lengthy) hiatus the Fair Pole Podcast returns with our 34th episode. This week, host Chris Edwards talks about the origins of Spring Training and visits with 19-year veteran Fred McGriff. 

In the conversation, Edwards and McGriff talk about:

- Growing up in Tampa and Fred's love of baseball
- How great the high school baseball was in Tampa
- Getting cut from his high school baseball team
- Being drafted by the Yankees
- Playing for the Blue Jays, Padres and eventually the Braves
- The 1995 World Series
- How he got the nickname "The Crime Dog"
- Tom Emanski
- What he would change if he was the commissioner of baseball for a day 

... and more!

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