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Episode 22: Carter Hicks, USA Baseball

August 16, 2020 Chris Edwards Season 1 Episode 22
The Fair Pole Podcast
Episode 22: Carter Hicks, USA Baseball
Show Notes

Episode 22 of the Fair Pole Podcast features Carter Hicks who works in Baseball Operations for USA Baseball and has a hand in multiple areas of USA Baseball including the selection of National Teams, including the Olympic team, running a National High School Baseball Tournament and more. 

We visit with Carter to chat about his journey from playing high school baseball in Apex, North Carolina to being a part of our national governing body for baseball in the US. 

Some of the other topics included:
- Playing baseball at a small school and how that helped mold his journey and career
- Analytics and how they have impacted the game as a whole
- How young is too young to be worried about data and numbers
- What is America's brand of baseball and how does that compare to other countries
- How does America continue to grow the game of baseball 

... and more. 

Chris Edwards also provides a look at the history of the infield fly rule and how the rule has changed since its inception in the 1800's

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