The Fair Pole Podcast

Episode 20: Francisco Cabrera

August 02, 2020 Chris Edwards Season 1 Episode 20
The Fair Pole Podcast
Episode 20: Francisco Cabrera
Show Notes

Episode 20 of the Fair Pole Podcast is coming at you this week with host Chris Edwards taking a look at the history of the Designated Hitter in baseball and Chris even gives his thoughts on the universal DH in Major League Baseball this season.

Edwards is then joined by Francisco Cabrera who is best known for his game-winning base-hit in Game 7 of the 1992 National League Championship Series which sent the Atlanta Braves back to the World Series (sorry, Pirates fans).

Cabrera talks about his journey in baseball which began by growing up in the Dominican Republic and how he came to America to play baseball, and of course, they chat about his big hit for the Braves -- but there is another hit that doesn't get talked about as much that they will discuss.

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